Meet our talented styling alumni who are making waves in the fashion industry.


Suchandra is a freelance stylist wardrobe and product Stylist in San Francisco. She is represented by Bright Agency.

Her client list includes Levi's, Old Navy, GAP, Sephora, Dockers, DVF, Goorin Brothers, Stitch Fix, e.l.f. cosmetics, LACMA, LumioSF, and the style section of the San Francisco Chronicle

BFA Fashion Styling, Spring 2014 / View Suchandra's portfolio here.


Aubrey is a fashion stylist, creative consultant, and personal shopper represented in San Francisco and Los Angeles by Artist's Services

She has been published in GQ, Playboy, V-FILES, NYLON, HYPEBEAST, HYPEBAE, Highsnobiety, 180 Magazine, Trend Hunter, FuckingYoung!, FUN! Magazine, SOMA Magazine, among others.

Some of her clients include Walmart, Gap, Old Navy, Jansport, Bebe, Threadflip, Lyon + Post, Skrillex, Mija, Gallant and Stitch Fix.

AA Fashion Styling, Spring 2014 / View Audrey's portfolio here.


Inessa Jane is currently a Visual Merchandising Stylist for Abercrombie & Fitch Home Office in Columbus, Ohio.

Her work consists of everything from outfitting in-store forms and working on window displays to styling Abercrombie Kids marketing campaigns.

Inessa's skills and services range from editorial, commercial, personal, and product styling. While earning her degree, she was published in The San Francisco Chronicle, Florum Magazine, and more.

BFA Fashion Styling, Fall 2014 / View her portfolio here.

star burleigh

From Veracruz, Mexico, Star is an online Styling senior and costume designer now based in Los Angeles. She has had numerous positions ranging from public relations, visual merchandising, buying, product development, designing, set design, editorial styling, commercial styling, product styling, celebrity styling, personal shopping, and fashion show production.

Her client list includes Nordstrom, Altana Danzhalova, Arthritis Foundation, and Ashlyn’d, to name a few.

She has been published in Teeth Magazine, Beauty Rebel Magazine, Vogue Italia, Florum Magazine, and Lucy's among others. 

BFA Fashion Styling, Spring 2017 / View her portfolio here.


Born and raised in Yangon, Burma. Chaw Chaw is a freelance editorial stylist currently signed with Stars Management in San Francisco.

She experiments in multiple realms of styling, including editorial, wardrobe, product, art direction, and creative consulting.

Chaw Chaw's work has been published in magazines such as Vogue.It, Pressure Paris, Bullett Media, Cake Magazine, Sicky, FYI Journal, and etc. In her senior year, she was published in 180 Magazine Issue Nine.

BFA Fashion Styling, Spring 2017 / Find out more about Chaw Chaw here and view her portfolio here.


Born and raised in Bali, Indonesia, Sophia developed a fascination with the fashion industry at a young age, thanks to her mother. 

Sophia's work has been published in magazines such as DeFuze Magazine, Jute Magazine, Bob Cut Mag, and KUL Magazine. Sophia is currently represented by Look Artists Agency.

BFA Fashion Styling, Spring 2017 / Find out more about Sophia here and view her portfolio here


Ivonne is an editorial stylist based in San Francisco, about to start her MFA in Fashion Design.

Her love for styling started as a child and she has focused her concepts on narrative story telling. She enjoys including aspects of design and handcrafts into her styling.

Ivonne's work has been published in Sicky Magazine, Vulkan Magazine, and Atlas Magazine.

BFA Fashion Styling, Fall 2016 / View her portfolio here


Stephanie is a freelance wardrobe and product stylist based in San Francisco

Stephanie's clientele includes companies such as Bucktrout, Stitch Fix, Viridian Bay, Serena and Lily, Levi's, Touch of Modern, and Cycle Gear. Her work has been published in Tantalum Magazine, Magazine, S.F. Station, and more.  

Stephanie is currently represented by Lulu Artists Collective.

BFA Fashion Styling, Spring 2014 / Learn more about Stephanie in our interview here. View Stephanie's body of work here.


Laynie is a freelance wardrobe and product Stylist currently residing in New York City. After moving, she was the VFILES 7 Runway Stylist winner and stylist assistant to Joanne Blades. Now, she is a Production Assistant for Eugenia Kim and was one of the first 30 stylists hired at Fitz. In her spare time, she styles look books and editorials for up and coming designers in NYC.

Born and raised in a small town in Indiana, Laynie moved to San Francisco in 2010 to attend The Academy of Art University. While in school, she was published in magazines such as Lone Wolf, Sicky, and Institute. Upon graduating, she was published in 180 Magazine Issue Nine.

BFA Fashion Styling, Spring 2016 / Read more about Laynie here, and view her portfolio here


Erica is the Merchandise Associate and Junior e-Commerce Stylist at BCBG MaxAzria.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and moved to the United States at the age of fourteen. During her senior year at The Academy of Art University, she was the Photo Stylist for Azalea's E-Commerce studios and was published in 180 Magazine Issue Eight.

BFA Fashion Styling, Fall 2015 / Read more about Erica in our interview here, and view her portfolio here.


Leo is a freelance editorial and product stylist currently working and residing in Los Angeles. He is represented by Artist's Services.

Leo was born and raised in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, and relocated to San Francisco in 2012. He consistently styles print campaigns and e-Commerce images for brands such as Forever21 Inc., GAP Inc., Old Navy, Walmart, Levi's, and more. 

Leo is currently working towards his AA degree in Fashion Styling / View Leo's portfolio here.


Originally from Enfield, Connecticut, Audrey is the Merchandising Coordinator for Sweaters/Intimates at Charlotte Russe. She is also a freelance product and fashion stylist in San Francisco working with brands such as Sephora, Stitch Fix, and Fit Bit

While in school, she styled for clients such as Macy's, Azazie, Thread and Sparkle, and more. In her senior year, she was published in 180 Magazine Issue Nine.

BFA Fashion Styling, Fall 2015 / Read more about Audrey's work in our interview hereView Audrey's portfolio here.


Katelyn is a commercial and editorial stylist in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. 

Her client list includes Apple, Trulia, Sephora, HTC, Adidas, Touch of Modern, and more. Immersed in creative expression, Katelyn developed her artistic background through lifelong training in classical ballet. 

BFA Fashion Styling, Spring 2016 / Read more about Katelyn in our interview hereView her portfolio here.


Andrea is a freelance menswear, commercial, and product stylist located in San Francisco. In her senior year, she was published in 180 Magazine Issue Nine.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Andrea's unique aesthetic involves offbeat ideas and details. In her senior year at The Academy of Art, she was the personal assistant to Editorial and Wardrobe Stylist Adrea Cabrera.

BFA Fashion Styling, Spring 2016 / Read more about Andrea here, and view her portfolio here.


Sherelle is a fashion stylist with a focus in menswear, personal styling, and athletic branding. She is lead stylist at brands such as BCBG Max Azria corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California, BCBGeneration, and Herve Leger.

Sherelle relocated from Seattle, Washington to San Francisco to pursue her degree in 2012. In her senior year, she held an internship with Fashion Xchange Magazine. Her work has been published in magazines such as Huf and DeFuze.

BFA Fashion Styling, Spring 2016 / View her portfolio here.


Originally hailing from Los Angeles, California, Haley earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Styling.

Recently after graduating, she relocated back to southern California to pursue the role of Product Stylist for

BFA Fashion Styling, Spring 2016. / View Haley's portfolio here


Shani is currently an Art Production Intern for the Nike integration production team at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Oregon.

A native of Portland, Oregon, Shani moved to San Francisco to pursue her love of fashion and athletics. In addition to her academic pursuits, Shani was a member of AAU's Women's Basketball team. Shani brings her unique background, as well as love for athletic wear to her craft by mixing styles to create a provocative, original look.

BFA Fashion Styling, Spring 2016 / Read more about Shani here, and view her full portfolio here


Wei is a freelance wardrobe, product, and commercial stylist. Currently, she is the Assistant Editor at Marie Claire Taiwan and was a fashion intern at Harper's Bazaar Taiwan.  

Wei has been published in Flawless Magazine, Jute Magazine, and LUCY'S Magazine

BFA Fashion Styling, Fall 2015 / View Wei's portfolio here.


Hailing from China, Abby Qi has a keen eye for trends, brands, and refined color palettes.

Her work has been published in No.Substance Magazine and on the cover of Vulkan Magazine.

BFA Fashion Styling, Spring 2018 / View her portfolio here.


Chelsea Henry is the e-Commerce Fashion Stylist for The Neiman Marcus Group, Inc.

Upon graduating, she was awarded an e-Commerce Styling internship at BCBGMaxAzria's corporate headquarters in Los Angeles. 

BFA Fashion Styling, Fall 2014 / Read more about Chelsea in our interview hereView Chelsea's portfolio here.


Bibiana is a fashion and product stylist residing in San Francisco. She is currently a production assistant at The Real Real, where she photographs and styles clothing on mannequin and lay downs, and she assisted renowned stylist Mar Peidro for VOGUE Ukraine. 

She has intuitive style and a whimsical perspective. Bibiana has worked as a social media consultant for e.l.f. cosmetics, where she styles and photographs original content. She has been published in Dreamingless Magazine and Lucy's Magazine.

BFA Fashion Styling Spring 2017 / View her portfolio here


Sho is a fashion and editorial stylist based in New York City. He is currently interning at La Garconne.

Hailing from Japan, Sho began his industry experience by studying Fashion Design at the Vantan Design Institute in Tokyo. His clean, refined aesthetic focuses on the small nuances of minimal, modern styling. He is inspired by all aspects of culture, music, lifestyle, and art.

Sho's work has been published in magazines such as Fucking Young!, Vogue Italia (Photo Vogue), Vanity Teen, Knots, Contributer, Toksick, HUF, Sicky, DeFUZE, Vulkan, Institute, and Kaltblut.

AA Fashion Styling, Fall 2016 / View his portfolio here


Born and raised in Vietnam, Jinny moved to the US to improve her knowledge and gain experience in the fashion industry at Academy of Art University. She thoroughly enjoys working in editorial, product, commercial, and personal styling.

Nguyen has a strong eye for color, and a sleek sophistication in styling and graphic design.

AA Fashion Styling, Spring 2017 / Find out more about Jinny here and view her portfolio here.


Quannii Bell was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She moved to San Francisco, California in 2015 to broaden her aesthetics and pursue her Bachelor Degree in Fashion Styling at Academy Art University. She now focuses on editorial, product, and personal styling as well as fashion shows.

Bell wrote as a Style Contributor for Bold.Global which is a multimedia, viral news and platform for a diverse coalition centered on personal responsibility and sustainable capitalism. She currently works as an assistant stylist at Artists Services.

Her work has also been published with Kodd-Magazine, Cliche Magazine, Kaltbult Magazine, Huf Magazine, and 7Hues Magazine.

BFA Fashion Styling, Spring 2018 / View her portfolio here.


Sara Lane is a fashion stylist that originates from the small town of Los Alamos, New Mexico. Sara had moved to various states growing up, including Maine, Oregon, Alaska, and a long period in South Bend, Indiana.

At a young age, Sara watched America's Next Top Model and fell in love with the creative process of each photo shoot. She first started her education at New Mexico State University studying Fashion Merchandising.  She is currently in her senior year at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, working towards her BFA in Fashion Styling.

Sara currently works as an intern at Artists Services. She has been published in 7 Hues Magazine.

BFA Fashion Styling, Fall 2017 / View her portfolio here.